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Club Caddie was a great choice for our POS System/TeeSheet

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1-2 years

We switched from EZ Links since the Golf Now merger a year ago and started using a company called Club Caddie.
First off, we've been so impressed with their functionality, ease of use and their pricing model.  They don't barter which we've saved over $30K in revenue this year since the course was packed and best year ever for us.  They are also cloud based which makes their software accessible from anywhere.  No on-site servers to manage.

Club Caddie's pricing was more affordable than the other POS/TeeSheet providers and the owner of Club Caddie was a golf course owner himself so they have a good understanding of course operations.

They are also backed by Jonas, and I want to say Club Caddie has over 200+ installs.  You can't go wrong with them.

Matt Horn
Head Golf Professional
Huntmore Golf Club
Brighton MI