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We converted 3 of our courses from IBS and EZ Tee last September.  If we knew then what we know today, we would not have converted.  And probably still would convert if we were a single course, but the complexity of our Accounting and large size of our Restaurant Operations have made ForeUp a questionable system for us.  The company representatives up to the CEO are amiable and responsive, but we have yet to see fixes for the most major problems we have encountered with this system.  Again, a single course probably would not even notice these issues, but for a multi-course operator, this system may cause you to spend far more labor hours and aggravation.

Most probelms for us are in Accounting and the Restaurant.  The Tee Sheet/POS system work very well and offer some really nice benefits given that it is cloud based.  In Accounting, ForeUp does not support our quickbooks class codes.  This has caused us a huge amount of extra work to produce our separate restaurant and golf financials.  On the Restaurant side, we find many unexplained anomalies -- tickets disappearing, switching servers, credit transactions charging twice, etc.  And any server can discount any ticket up to 100% without manager approval.  Our Restaurant Managers are going crazy dealing with the issues.

We have asked ForeUp since October to correct the major issues.  They say they are working on them, but we have yet to see solutions.  Perhaps this company has expanded too much too quickly.  They say all the right things, but we are spending so much more on this system than we expected.  I urge any multi-course operator to consider carefully before making a switch to ForeUp.Those with simple accounting and limited restaurant operations may not find any problems.  Single courses probably would also find it a great system.

I'm still hoping to see some resolutions to the major issues, but we are considering other systems.