Great Company but just not the same after the merger

Customer Support
Quality customer support?
Ease of Use
Was the tool relatively easy for your team to adopt and use?
Uptime and Reliability
Does the system have good uptime and reliability?
Analytics and Reporting
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Are the reporting and analytics tools powerful and easy to use?
Web and Mobile Interfaces
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Are the user interfaces easy to use?
Database & Marketing
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Does the software offer easy customer collection and communication tools?
Overall Value
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Overall value of the product to your business?
Primary Job Function: 
General Manager
Years Using the Product: 
5+ years

We are long time users of EZLinks/ and have always been pleased with the level of service over the years. All software has its quirks but once you learn them, it is pretty straightforward.

My staff and I have noticed that the quality of the platform is not what it once was. Let me add that customer service agents have been and are great at answering our needs when the tee sheet would freeze up. We have to be on "alert" daily just in case the tee sheet goes down. We will wait and see, but highly unlikely to renew our contract if the quality of the platform keeps diminishing. Things have to change.