Longtime user of reservation software

Customer Support
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Ease of Use
Was the tool relatively easy for your team to adopt and use?
Uptime and Reliability
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Analytics and Reporting
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Web and Mobile Interfaces
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Database & Marketing
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Primary Job Function: 
General Manager
Years Using the Product: 
5+ years

So I've been a long-time user of fore reservation software on my 9 hole golf course in California. originally I purchased software to get away from the paper and pencil and it was a supported very well but When Golf Now now took it over it became a little more difficult for me, but the functionality of it is still good. I haven't really had an opportunity to explore other software's to know if there's a lot more improved products out there. but we have recently made a decision that we are no longer going to stay with this software and we are currently looking that's why am at the show to find new software so I can make a selection.