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Robust but needs a reset, editing, cutting of fat

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Club Prophet is a very robust system and has many features that help make for a flexible operation. Their support is strong and it still has a very personal relationship as a customer. My fear is just like getting older in general - you get fatter, less fast, and more at risk of keeping up with the young guns. I don't think a heart attack is imminent, but it's a niggling worry for them.

Golf Management Software Systems Response

Thank you very much for the review and the honest feedback! To combat the "getting older" issues you pointed out, we continue to roll out our new tech stack which you have seen recently with CPS Air, our iPad based solution that allows for mobile POS, mobile tee sheet, and mobile Food & Beverage. There is more to come in this overhaul, including a more robust and clean online reservations module, enhanced features in the iPad solution, and more powerful online Business Intelligence reporting. Technology is no place for the fat and happy...we want to stay lean and mean and earn your business every year with superior products and service. More to come in the immediate future!