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3-5 years

The marketing tools in Teesnap are great. Collectioin of email and other customer data is easy and seemless into our email database. We use email marketing to fill 10 in-house tournaments, an extensive junior program that includes clinics, camps and leagues, our adult clinics and lessons as well as other promotions. We always fill and have waiting lists for every event because our database allows us to let every golfer whose data we have collected and segmented to know what is going on at the course. 

The mobility of iPads on the course and in our bar and grill has increased sales and taught our golfers that they can make purchases without cash at any time. Having the beverage carts be able to see the tee sheets and know where golfers are on the course has helped as well, we have multiple courses on property. When we started with Teesnap they did not have the right live reports to help us reconcile bev carts but worked with us to customize what we needed. Since this addition I am able to control inventory and account for missing product and have accurate ring-outs. Teesnap started out their F&B operations very simple but has been making improvements along the way which has worked well for us.